In order to ensure consistent part manufacturing, and meet the high quality, on time demands of our customers, ESA Manufacturing and Trim Specialties, Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art equipment in the processing of its' parts and assemblies. 

ESA's Thermoforming machines range from Maac 2.5' x 3' single station shuttles and a Maac 4.5' x 5' three station rotary to Lamco 4' x 6' and 6' x 10' three station rotaries with draws up to 45". 

Trimming is done with our Motionmaster CNC routers (5' x 5' and 5' x 10'), trim presses, or by hand router, depending on the required tolerances and volumes.

Maac Rotary                              Maac Shuttle

Lamco Rotary                         Motionmaster CNC

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